First post


After a long hiatus (I think the last time I had a personal blog was back in college), I’ve decided to return. My reasons? Basically to give myself an outlet for writing long-form content. Also, during my last few years professionally, I’ve come across a lot of good technology and feel it would be great to contribute something back in the form of writing.

Also, a few other things have transpired. In my desire to migrate off of Gmail (there’ll be another post on that later), I’ve registered my domain. So of course, it felt natural once I had a domain to put a face on it so to speak.

Lastly, a few other things have happened to make hosting a site such as this much easier. The last time I hosted a blog, it was running off of a VPS using cPanel. A lot has changed since then. I’m now hosting this off of S3 using Jekyll so there is a lot less overhead with maintaining something like this.