I’m a career IT Professional living in Dallas, Texas. Overall, I have a broad background in enterprise IT as well as cloud computing. Currently, I work as a Global Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services.

I am passionate about all things technology. When I’m not working to help some of the worlds' largest customers migrate and manage workloads in the cloud, I also apply some of the same knowledge and principles to home IT management.

Outside of IT, I have come to appreciate the importance of staying physically active. I never really appreciated physical fitness until I reached my 30s. Crossfit was the sport that helped me learn how to lift right, eat right, and develop endurance. The gains have allowed me to do things I would have once thought unthinkable for myself like running a half marathon and completing a 100 mile endurance bicycle ride. While I’m no longer active in Crossfit, I still look for opportunities to explore other sports such as rowing, kickboxing, and now Jiu-Jitsu.

My travels

The map above is places that I’ve spent meaningful time. It would be much longer if I included places where I had a connecting flight or was just driving through. That would make for an interesting data exercise, but unfortunately I don’t have those data points and would probably miss something in the process.

I strongly believe that vacations and travel make for the best investments! Here’s what I have planned for the future

  • Copenhagen
  • Milan to Lucern by train
  • Croatia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Tasmania


Being a technical person, photography lends itself to providing a creative outlet. I originally started my photographic journey in 2008 with the purchase of a Canon 40d. I also went through a phase where I wanted to travel light and made the move to a mirrorless Sony a6000. I finally got into the full-frame game with a Sony a7riii that is now my main camera. I haven’t settled on a site (or method) for fully showcasing my work, but I do post pics from time-to-time on my Instagram account.